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You want deep fulfillment from the work you do every day.

Be inspired AND inspiring to those around you.

You want extraordinary personal and professional success.

Reap the rewards of your achievements AND feel completely aligned with your values.

You want lasting change in your career and your life.

Create a holistic AND enduring transformation in the way you approach the things that matter to you.

Take the Five Point Leadership Assessment to identify your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.


Marcelle Little

Andrea helped me develop a strategy for how to approach both my business and job search, as well as specific things I can demonstrate to potential employers. I have more confidence and understand the value of my work experience. I would recommend Andrea to anyone needing structure, advice and support to get more of what they want out of their career. She brings market knowledge, experience, openness, and creates a supportive environment for her clients.

Carmen Suarez

Andrea tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear, all with an underlying empathy that is quite unique. If you're questioning what's next, how to get where you want to be, or are just not sure how to move forward, she is the perfect person to have on your team. She'll make the right assessment, help you get on the right path, and start taking the next steps toward your goals. Completely worth the time, the money and the work. Highly recommended. Period.

Noelle Bloom

Andrea is a budding entrepreneur's secret weapon! Her quick thinking has been PRICELESS in my business. When I need to get something started, she is the first person I go to. Andrea's wisdom goes way beyond the business basics. She is the type of person you go to for just about anything. She has a sixth sense for picking up on all the internal blocks that keep you stuck and help you move forward in a heartbeat. You can always count on Andrea to cut the fluff. Her honesty, wisdom and love for helping people take the lead in thier lives and careers is changing the world one entrepreneur at a time.

Leadership and Career Consulting

Andrea Shields Nuñez

I help high potential professionals develop their leadership skills to create careers they love, advance the mission of their organizations, and build businesses that last.